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Welcome to the world of Dr. John Lieberman, a seasoned Infectious Diseases Physician and the driving force behind Expert Infectious Diseases Consulting Services, PLLC. With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Lieberman's journey in medicine is not just about treating patients; it's a relentless pursuit of excellence, justice, and uncompromised care.

His Philosophy: Excellence in Every Aspect of Patient Care

"The healthcare landscape is complex and challenging." Dr. Lieberman acknowledges the immense pressures faced by healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, in delivering patient care amidst resource constraints. He recognizes that while the majority strive to provide top-notch, compassionate care, less-than-ideal outcomes still occur, including misdiagnoses or incorrect treatments.

Over the years Dr. Lieberman has observed cases like meningitis misdiagnosed as a bladder infection, pneumonia labeled incorrectly as heart failure, and sepsis both missed when present, and diagnosed when not present. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of healthcare providers work hard to bring the best care to their patients, complications, and poor outcomes do occur. Sometimes a patient develops a bad outcome despite the standard of care being met, and sometimes that bad outcome was a result of a breach of the standard of care. Dr. Lieberman has the training, knowledge, experience and skills to help you decide which is the case, and advise you appropriately on how to proceed.

"I fiercely defend healthcare providers and entities that deliver standard care yet face undue lawsuits." But the same fervor applies to holding accountable those who fail to provide standard care, leading to unnecessary patient suffering. Dr. Lieberman’s balanced approach ensures a fair and objective assessment in each case he encounters, recognizing both the complexities of medical practice and the paramount importance of patient safety.

"Excellence in Medicine Requires Dedication." In Dr. Lieberman’s clinical work, he strives to achieve the best patient outcomes by delivering or exceeding the standard of care. But what he can do alone as one doctor was not enough for him and so he began lending his expertise as a consultant in 2022. This shift underscores a profound truth: achieving and maintaining excellence in the medical field is not just about clinical practice; it involves a broader commitment to improving healthcare standards and advocating for patient safety. Dr. Lieberman's current work reflects this dedication, as he maintains his Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) credential from the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ,) and continues to champion the highest standards of care and integrity in the healthcare system through his expert witness services and consulting work. 

The Expert Witness: A Role Fueled by Integrity and Justice

As an expert witness, Dr. Lieberman is driven by a commitment to integrity, justice, and accountability. His expertise is not just in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases but also in understanding the nuances of healthcare delivery. 

Because of his expertise, Dr. Lieberman plays a vital role in educating legal professionals about medical standards and practices, bridging the gap between the medical and legal fields. He strives to provide a balanced, fair, and objective assessment in each case, emphasizing the importance of informed and just legal proceedings. His involvement as an expert witness reflects his dedication to upholding the highest standards in healthcare and advocating for justice in both healthcare and legal systems.

Career Highlights

  • Over 20 years as an Infectious Diseases Clinician

  • Roles included Medical Director of Infection Control, Chair of Clinical Effectiveness Committee, and educator for Medical Residents

  • Leader of Antibiotic Stewardship and Diagnostic Stewardship program, resulting in system-wide adoption of a C. diff diagnostic testing algorithm, with a reduction of hospital acquired C. diff incidence.

  • Active member of various professional organizations

Qualifications and Credentials

  • MD from McGill University Faculty of Medicine

  • Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital

  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)

  • Multiple state medical licenses and DEA certification

Engaging with the Community

Beyond the realm of medicine, Dr. Lieberman is actively involved in animal welfare and advocacy, contributing significantly to organizations like the Humane Society and Colorado Canine Advocates.

Joining Forces for a Better Healthcare System 

Dr. Lieberman invites you to join him in this journey towards a healthcare system where integrity, accountability, and excellence are not just ideals but the standard practice. His work as an expert witness, his leadership in infectious disease management, and his commitment to patient care exemplify what it means to be a physician in the truest sense. For consultations, expert witness services, or to learn more about his approach to healthcare, reach out to Dr. Lieberman at Expert Infectious Diseases Consulting Services, PLLC. Together, we can make a difference in the world of healthcare.

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